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Alice Cooper - Unholy War

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Unholy War

From the start of life
To my dying day
In the dark of night
And the burning light of day
It`s a bloody fight
But I can`t walk away
I`m prime for the front line

Unholy war, unholy war
I`ll try, I`ll fight until I die
Unholy war, unholy war
I see, I know, you`ll always be

You see my burning fuse
From a mile away
I took your cruel abuse
Lord took away my shame
I learned to bite the hand
That used to pull my chain
We`ll fight, cause we ain`t on the same side

We`re in an unholy war, unholy war
I`ll try, yeah I`ll fight until I die

When I`m all alone - Unholy
With your thoughts of pain - Unholy
I can break on through - Unholy
With just an ounce of faith - Unholy

You`re shaking in your boots
Because it`s Judgement Day
I`ll get my just rewards
And you`ll have your hell to pay
There`s no time to throw out the lifeline


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