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Alice Cooper - Trick Bag

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Trick Bag

Tie you up baby, really tight
In a lover`s knot
I`m in the mood for my leather boots
With the leopard spots

Take you down to my side of town
Where I learned to love
Strap you down, honey
Pet you nice with my velvet glove

You dial my number
So let me take the lead
I`m the man, understand
With the smooth slight of hand
And all the magic you need

T-t-t-t-t trick bag, sit back and just enjoy the show
Burn you with desire
Trick bag, come on and let your body go
Gonna lay it on thick
So the memory`ll stick

Chew me up with your perfect mouth
Don`t you spit me out
Teach you good, Little Miss Hollywood
What it`s all about

You call me up baby, in the middle of the night
You say you`re sweating red
And you`re dripping on the bed
T-tripping in the moonlight

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