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Alice Cooper - Bad Place Alone

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Bad Place Alone

I`m a creature of the street
And I rip off all the money
I was kicked in the teeth
Shoved face first through a window
I got a gangland name
And a teardrop tattooed eye
They call me Little Caesar in the brotherhood
of crime
I know about the pain
Dyin` in an alley with an
air-conditioned brain
I know, it`s for real
Flatlined in an ambulance
Without a pulse to feel

Hey blood brother, you`re one of our own
You`re as sharp as a razor
And as hard as a stone
Hey blood brother, you`re bad to the bone
You`re a natural killer
In a bad place alone

They call me Smoky Joe
And I`m as thin as a coroner`s needle
I got a pocket full of rocks
Man, I shake like a cold chihuahua
I got a runny nose
And a road map on my arm
I blew my gig pokin` `round the gallery
With someone else`s rig
I know, I understand
I watch my body hauled off
By the local garbage man


We`re cool, we`re cold
We`re stiff, we`re tagged
We`re slabbed, we`re croaked
We`re whacked, we`re cracked
We`re smoked and cured and
slammed and slurred and
sliced and diced and put on ice
Cooked and stewed and badly brewed
And splattered once or twice

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